HHTT Productions: This is Mainsouth

GEDC0225rev lex lake

Now we here at Hulk Hate Time Travel have been bringing you short documentaries of ,well basically, how we live. And in this video we again do just that. We aren’t here to “sugar coat” anything we are here to give you the real…and you can deal with it how you like. So here we go on a cruise through mainsouth Worcester on a Saturday afternoon. Honestly you never know whats going to happen on any given HHTT meet so you can be assured that BIG LEX is probably gonna have a lil surprise in store for us. So let us watch and see what its like on mainsouth and like those great 80’s cartoons we all miss and love I will leave you with an educational message; WINNERS DON’T DO DRUGS..(and my personal favorite, thank you Nancy) REMEMBER TO “JUST SAY NO“…Now see how we live.(we here at hulkhatetimetravel.com do not promote,condone or incourage any illegal drug use)

8 Responses

  1. Crystal Park looks like some shit out of Life After People, letting that pool go to waste like that, this city is hurting for real. “jesus christ is gone” worcester is priceless

  2. Lol that’s the real tho rev lol no more sugar coatin that’s how we live… this nigga was passed out on concrete wit cats walkin by like nuttin lol

  3. its all real, dudes on the pavement like its easter and shit

  4. that is definitely not how i live or would like to live but it is too close for comfort and if ppl dont start trying to make change we will all live like this… positive thought = positive change.. once we put one into motion the rest should follow

  5. p.s. good work on trying to bring this to light to a group that may not be able to fully embrace the ideas of change.. the first step is always the hardest

  6. i really like what yall doing on this website we need more shit like this especially dedicated worcester like this n like yall said in the video if u aint reppin it where u from dont rep it at all haha deff gunna be a regular on this site ill tell u that much much respect and keep doing what u guys do

  7. Yo thats real T-checkz ,and thanks for coming through bee. this is what we do we love this city gotta rep home first and foremost

  8. anytime man anytime gotta rep it real where u from wortown all day everyday!!!

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