Uncle Ruckus

The Nigga will lie, the nigga will make excuses

ruckus obama

The Boondocks by far is one of the best shows created on American television today. The way the show tackles race is brilliant, what many may find offensive,  those who can see past the looking glass understand its true genius. In that regard I want to speak on one of my favorite characters on the show, Uncle Ruckus.  Uncle Ruckus is what we at HHTT would call a Ultra Nigga, the Ultra Nigga is cunning,  witty, charming and oh so evil. The Ultra Nigga’s primary purpose is to destroy, he has no compassion for his brothers he simply wants destruction.  DO NOT TRUST A NIGGA, Uncle Ruckus talk to em.

6 Responses

  1. AHAHAHAH OH MY FUCKIN WHITE GOD I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!!! “these items strike fear into a nigga heart…nightstick…whip….job application” hahahaha Uncle Ruckus: ultra nigga indeed

  2. ronald regan is jesus. lol

  3. i love the play on race, to black Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Regan (6) is the devil, but to the Caucasians he is Jesus……..BRILLIANT!

  4. Ronald 6
    Wilson 6
    Reagen 6

    Uncle Ruckus is a true friend to whites lol, this shit has me rollin right now especially the exorcism, I wish they had a longer clip of that one, thats my ish.

  5. uncle ruckus does the funniest shit ever

  6. […] here at HHTT we are big fans of The Boondocks it is definately one of the best shows on TV today.  In case you missed the season premier over […]

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