HHTT Productions: Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer (91.3 Premiere)

crack av kill copBrother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim (Av) one half of the Cocaine Robots sits down with Selective Hearing 91.3 to premiere and give insight behind the new single Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer off the Hot Dogs & Coke (Coney Island Shit) Mixtape.

7 Responses

  1. i love how you break it down and let em know what the music is , too bad alot of brothers just dont get it

  2. people thinkin you on the corner, child please, don’t they know we 25 & up? thats kid shit… don’t sweat it tho, keep doing you.

  3. i like it kinda, i dont think i ever been this talked about in music before. music is self expression i think people want idols, they want there favorite rapper to goto jail and slap bitches etc.

  4. Drug Dealer lyrics are tight…..Yo go boy!!! YUP

  5. Yo Av and T you are banging!!

  6. i wish my mom would stop going in under my name lol

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