Street Struck – The Big L Story

About time someone put together something like this,  Street Struck: The Big L Story will hopefully be available real soon.  Although this is only the trailer they briefly discuss one of my personal favorite Big L songs Devil’s Son, Showbiz had me rolling when he tells the story of shopping this record to Sony.Devils Son – Big L

6 Responses

  1. whens this shit droppin?

    • I don’t think they gave it an official release date, but I bet the easiest way to get it will be for online download, doubt you will ever see this shit in Bestbuy. (although thats where it should be)

  2. finally something to deff to look forward too

  3. son snuffing jesus is hard man his arms mad long

  4. im waiting on the big pun legacy and definitely this one

  5. […] Street Struck The Big L Story […]

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