N.O.R.E. interviews Benzino

“You blog too much homey”Benzino on Budden

Benzino speaks on Jay-Z & XXL biting Notorious B.I.G. & The Source, Kim Osario, how Slaughterhouse is overrated, Joe Budden blogging too much, and most importantly about Edo G  joining the Made Men.  The whole feud with Joe Budden shouldn’t be much of a surprise seeing that Edo G banned Joey a few months back from Boston and to my knowledge he hasn’t been back since.  http://hulkhatetimetravel.com/2009/03/07/joe-budden-banned-in-boston/  Seems like everyone is going at Joe Budden, I honestly feel bad for dude, yesterday MC Shan, today Benzino, wonder who will speak up tomorrow.

No Classic – Made Men Featuring Edo G

2 Responses

  1. worldstar on some bullshit though nore right unless a nigga constant with doe in there pocket they dont give fuck

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