Family First Entertainment at Tammany Hall 9-17-09

Stacks Jackson and Family First Entertainment came down to 91.3 Fm Selective Hearing show this past Friday night (9-11-09) to promote their upcoming show at Tammany Hall on 43 Pleasant Street in Worcester this Thursday (9-17-09)  The show will also feature performances from Krazy Ace, Speak, Stacks Jackson, Matt Bastardo, Jadie Meek, African Dynasty & Lulu Patrice.  The show starts at 9:00 plus it’s 18+ so make sure to check it out if you are in the Worcester Area.

6 Responses

  1. Thanks alot it’s a pleasure working with positive people.Come PARTY with us at TAMMANY HALL SEPT 17.And ofcourse that is from the whole FAMILY FIRST ENTERTAINMENT STAFF.

  2. likewise, cant wait to hit the show and show support

  3. im def looking forward to it

  4. good show by the way, i listened and its cool to see the vid along with

  5. Big up to Family First for coming thru the station and big up to T for the footage.. its good to have good people in the mix

    btw.. fish dont like bleach

  6. lol the dam kids are mean…they poured bleach in another kids fish tank for no reason ….bastards lol

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