Raekwon or Jay-Z



Ok here we go. recently Jay and Rae released 2 long awaited albums Jay-z with The Blueprint 3 and Raekwon with Only Built for Cuban Links pt.II. Now every since their release, we here at HHTT have had an ongoing discussion about these two albums. it seems that whenever we discuss hip hop or lyricists this topic finds its way into the mix. Often this arguement can go on for long periods of time especially when BROTHER MENELIK gets goin against socialite sounds/nite people’s very own YOHON DI. Which, by the way, you can catch this discussion and many more live on the radio Friday nights from 10pm-12am on 91.3 fm Selective Hearing or stream it live from your computer at WWW.WCUW.ORG just click listen now. So im taking it upon myself to get you involved. Please let us know what you think, MENELIK who is very partial to the gritty drug rap, which no one does better than RAEKWON


and YOHON is partial to jay-z for his track record and ability to move the crowd….So which album is better? Is RAE better cuz he kept it hood and brought back that 95 feel (the golden era of hip hop) wit a sick ass flo? Or is Jay-Z better cuz he has remained consistant over the last 10/13 years and can MC (move the crowd) at a moments notice?

Hollywood Boulevard

 Tell us what you think…

3 Responses

  1. Eat the fresh fruit and the crop
    all these hip-hoppers eat cock,
    you can see me in the street or the yacht,
    i’d rather be promoting your block,
    or buyin fresh sneakers with gwap.

    Rae got more substance to his album, it takes longer to digest. Listen to blueprint 3 once, thats all it takes to understand it.

    I compare these two sequel albums to two sequel movies. Transformers 2 for Hov’s shit, Terminator 2 for raekwons joint.

    do the math

    (for the record hovs prob the best alive.)

  2. yes rev digestion is critical, and T2 was one of the best sequels ever made….either way it is an excellent analogy..i say rae

  3. transformers 2 war horrible, so you know the deal

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