We’re All a Lil Bit Bias…


R.I.P. LENNY BIAS  1963-1986

I recently viewed espn’s 30 for 30 a series that highlights sports greats behind the scenes and away from all the glitz and glamour. The most recent installment featured the late Len Bias. For those of you youngins who are unaware of who exactly Len bias is, I have compiled a few videos for you to get a faint idea of the impact that Len’s life (and death) had on sports… period. LenBias2-1

Physically gifted,and humble, Len was often categorized as a future great of the NBA with the likes of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Len’s life was cut short due to his recreational drug use and denied himself the opportunity to ever be known as one of the elite. Sadly it leaves the burning question in my mind “What if….” “what if he got to shine with rob parish and larry bird?” “How good could he have really been?”…. we’ll never know. 


5 Responses

  1. I got a Maryland len bias jersey that I rock with pride on the regular, that 30-30 documentary was crazy, I never realized all the nonsense that his friends and family had to go through after his passing. I am 100% sure that if he made it to the celtics, the C’s would have outshined the Lakers through the rest of the 80’s. Bias probably would have went on to play right on through to the Paul Pierce era, fuckin tragedy for real tho, R.I.P. Frosty.

  2. woord up rev that shit woulda been crazy, they woulda been the sickest team of the 80’s and early 90’s. him bird ,mchale,parish,….maybe even reggie lewis lol…nah but for real C’s woulda been seein the bulls often,,,just think bias VS jordan on saturday mornins NBA on NBC? woulda been fuckin classic…

  3. if bias lived, jordan would not have reached the hegiht which he did, bias would have been groomed by the best (bird, parish, mchale etc) and would have went on to become a serious problem, with great skills and great teaching it woulda been brilliant. Cocaine was real bee i read sports illy’s on the kid and its sad, the way they spoke of him was like how they hyped lebron not too long ago. and if anyone one know me, they know i never go against the god JORDAN but real is real bee!

  4. oh yea and those maryland boys knew how to freak them nikes back then word to allah

  5. He signed that deal with Reebok too, imagine a world where reeboks was the shit instead of nikes? I wonder…. Damn the what ifs on this subject are endless… side note remember Bobby brown rocking the bias celtics jersey in that ja rule video?

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