Starland Vocal Band- Afternoon Delight


This song is about coke. Nah dead up…. In the 70’s coke was like candy and everybody know a muthafucka like candy! Ribbon candy, lemonheads, Alexander the grapes and shit but back to the point, songs in the 70’s were playful yet honest. Who wouldn’t want some afternoon delight?And yes……..HHTT fucks with WillWinners_Dont_Use_Drugs

Be a winner like HHTT and say no to drugs!

5 Responses

  1. interesting videos…

  2. hahaha my nigga…..he said who dont like candy lol

  3. Starland vocal band be on some real geek shit tho haha that anchorman shits priceless.

  4. Afternoon delight is oh so delectable…lol So are pina coladas (which was really a song about change of variety(bored with his ol’ lady)) lol.

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