HHTT @ Nichols College Sunday Dec 6

Yours truly Lex  Lue,Brother Men,T Legacy,and Rev will be hittin the airwaves this sunday courtesy of  the hotmix 97.5 broadcast live from Nichols College in Dudley MA. You can tune in at 10pm to catch some of the hottest local indie hip hop and then slow things down at 11pm with the love hour.And you can listen comfortably from your PC at…. http://www.nichols.edu/wnrc and click  listen live online…the movement continues

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  2. H2T2 came and brought a great amount of energy with them. We truly enjoyed them on the show and loved them for part 2-the Lovers Hour. Girls watch out, some of these guys like to “embelish.” lol.

    I see you Lex, Bro. Men. Reviresco, you’re on my naughty list, you owe me…T, gracias por todo. Prophecy, we played your joint, so you will need to come to the show very soon…

    To the Brain trust-don’t be surprised if I roll up in Arties(sp?) one day!

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