Tiger Woods

I had a feeling one day this would happen but never so soon. Today Tiger Woods has officially been inducted into the I’m a Nigga section in HHTT. We all know the story of his infidelity but black folk really don’t care. Tiger for the last 10 years has been living on a high few Negros ever achieve, toasting with presidents, dancing with beautiful white women, smiling with princes and shit etc. The thing Tiger should have remembered is, just because you half black don’t mean you only get half the problems, one drop of black blood equals contamination! Cast out by the white media who branded him Jesus Tiger faces a new challenge, not the task of handling the many bitches who have come out trying to bury him but the challenge of being a Nigga. A Nigga love to sip a lil something, crash his whip, and pass out. HHTT got you Tiger, we see you. The media will never forgive themselves for what they have done to the sport of golf, by forcing Tiger into exile  with this bullshit its hard to imagine how the sport will ever recover.

Nigga loves hoes. Period. (white ones especially) Dont worry Tiger, we got you bee.

6 Responses

  1. I dig your thoughts on Tiger…..check my post also…http://rbaadqir1.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/why-tiger-wood…e-male-athlete/

  2. lol , congrats tiger on the new induction

  3. shits real talk…but u dnt hav to b black to love white hoes… im spainish and i cnt get enuff of dem

  4. Fo Shizzle – Dave Chappellle (portraying Tiger Woods)

  5. i read a funny joke referring to the dave chappelle racial draft…”we the black delegation trade tiger woods for his wife”. all in all, he should’ve known. a black man dominating a white man’s game, they been gunning for him. i empathize with dude as fas as his personal life is concerned, should’ve left the roids alone tho. that fucks up everything, at least that way he couldve still been the BEST regardless, now his legacy is tainted.

  6. Nigga crave sweet Blonde pussy! Deep Inside, shit felt GOOD! Nigga tore that shit up!

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