Divided We Fall

Worcester is a very unique city, in the heart of New England we get a bit of everything. For some reason though Hip Hop in the city has failed to flourish like big brother Boston but many of us know the reason for this. Long as I have lived in this city I always had the feeling many people don’t want to be from here. For one reason or another people in Worcester love to say they from another city (mostly Boston or New York). Within the city itself pride is vacant, we do have hip hop but its spread. An example of this spread is how there are many hip hop groups and people who do music but stay to in their own little circles, as if to mix with other hip hop artists in the city might contaminate them or someshit. In other cities I have visited it’s not like that, for instance when I was in Boston I noticed a lot of pride for and within the city. Driving through downtown I have seen Boston hats, local artist’s posters and promotion everywhere. Even deeper, when chilling in the community I seen the truth, the truth was love, love for the city. Living in Worcester you don’t see that, go to a hip hop show in Worcester and you will see a small crowd of people standing around. I love Worcester I grew up in Mainsouth, I rented Nintendo games from Main St Video, rode the RTA, stole from Ames, copped the penny’s from the fashion outlets, met T at the platform, played ball with V (RIP) in Crystal Park etc. I have so many memories and I am proud of where I’m from, HHTT in 2010 will bring Worcester to the next level, mark my words bee, we are the machine.

HHTT united we stand.

8 Responses

  1. the “platform” brother , whew what a memory im still waiting on them video game magazines tho lol

  2. I agree. But Boston ain’t all that either Men. Boston has no slang, style, swag of its own. Can you begin to even compare Boston with, say, Philladelphia? Chicago? Probably not.

    Massachusetts has no leading hip-hop city. I suggest that perhaps the only reason Boston comes to mind is that its rappers have access to large quality studios, media, and the like. Boston hip hop scene would be Worcester without the resources they enjoy.

    I further suggest the talent might be comparable. Pit Larry Cheeba against any similarly established Boston emcee — not an easy call, is it? Arablak? same thing. Even with Boston resources, however, Worcester hip hop wouldn’t be a stand out scene either.

    This city has talent but needs drive. I notice too many people want to be good but not great, and not greater if already great. This city, as a whole, needs the drive it takes to be number one — the drive I have seen at HHTT, in Larry Cheeba, Arablak, Cyrus tha Great, and others, including the Latino emcees over at Great Brook Valley.

    I’m sayin’…

  3. I agree with you ciph but Its deeper than that maybe boston was not the best example but in Worcester you don’t see the pride, I don’t see kids rocking tornadoes hats or rocking a shirt that says GBV etc. HHTT will do these things HHTT will evoke pride in this city. I don’t think any artist has a significant chance to make it unless the city comes along with feel me?? Look at me for instance, I was in hooper a couple months back with my man P and they were playing crack and a dookie rope. Once the part came on saying “peace to my niggas out in hooper” the kids started bugging! I was with p and like 4 other cats 2 I knew from work the others I didn’t and they showed mad love I gave em all copies of the pre mixtape and left understanding what it is we lack, we lack the love in this city but its changing I can see it, and im proud to be apart.

  4. I like what Jose Rivera said about coming up in Worcester at the show last week, basically he was saying that as a young fighter everyone told him to get out of worcester and head to a bigger market in order to make it. Jose never left and he still made it to become a 3-time world champion, same rule applies to music, I say if you got the talent, no matter where you from, you gonna make it somehow someway.
    NYC, Philly, ATL, L.A. are all hubs for hip-hop, we gotta build that here in the heart of New England, HHTT is the foundation, Lets get it!

  5. i have to agree with all three of you, i dont think i could word it any better than any of you guys have. We do have alot of talent and its gonna take unity to get this shit up off the ground

  6. Honestly, their hasn’t been pride in this city since my mom (Betty Price) and Prospect House days! Many of the folks that have attempted to lead weren’t leaders to begin with. They were already known for B.S. HHTT and IMRG has some upstanding fellas and whatever I can do to help both of them bring Worcester back to the pride and forefront it once was, let me know. It’s ridiculous because Worcester, is the 3rd largest city (population) in New England behind Boston and Providence. Also, and this really is just my opinion, many of the managers and the artist do not have the regional, or national connections to lift the city and themselves into the spotlight on a larger scale. And, also being honest, many are afraid of the unknown to do so.

  7. I agree with all you fellas the thing about worcester is that everybody wants to hate and do there own thing and theres too much talent in this city for artists to act like that and i only been in worcester sinse i was 14 and im 21 and i have much love and respect for this city plus is easy to adapt to. But i believe that with HHTT and the help of the new era mc´s of worcester everything is gunna change for 2010 -Dnice

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