HHTT Spotlight: Baige O’Bannon

HHTT had the opportunity to go down to DB studio’s in Worcester Ma to chop it up with Baige O’Bannon who is an engineer as well as a recording artist.  He showed us around the studio and also talked to us a little about his upcoming project as well as the local talent here in Worcester. Good looks on the interview and definitely big shotout to the entire DB Studio fam.DB Studio Room A TourSong playing in the background is Gladiators featuring Jaysaun & Slaine of Special Teamz off of Baige O’Bannons Live Free Or Die Tryin’ Vol 1 and can also be found on Germz Thingz 2 Say. Baige also spits a little something on one of his visits down to the Selective Hearing radio show 91.3 WCUW.

Baige is performing with J.D.O. Speak & Slaine at Harpers Ferry in Allston1-9-10 so if you in Boston check him out.

3 Responses

  1. baige def doing his thing out here

  2. Wow. This spotlight feature is really dope. All ya’ll over at HHTT deserve a lot of credit for the work you put down into making our city’s artists more accessible. Baige has a beautiful studio and it looks to me like he has it all figured out for the new year. Keep working hard ya’ll. We’ll keep pushing along as well.

  3. what up fella’s,…. HIGH VULTE’ here from old town,.. west swanzey,.. yur,shit,.. is HOT as hell,…. bumpin it all over,… lovin’ it,… keep yo tight111111,…………. PS,. I need cds,. if u got an address to order them.

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