Mainsouth 1990

20 years ago I was almost 8…not a care in the world…life as a kid was great…5 dollas in my pocket feelin rich like gates…hit eagles market so fast… its like id skate…put my money on the counter…I didn’t even wait… and said… gimme all your johnny appleseeds and alexander the grapes……1990

Man those were the days weren’t they? You see for those who don’t know, ferrara pan was the king of the boxed candies circa 1990.

For every kid in my hood there was a specific flavor, some preferred the luxuriously sour lemon heads, others liked the sweet and tangy johnny appletreats (one of my personal favs), some would see how many of the cinnamon flavored “Red hots” they could eat at one time, but for every palate there was a delightfully decadent flavor waiting to be discovered. You see as kids, Brotha Men and I, were somewhat of philanthropists if you will. We sampled candies as if they were fine wine. Explaining the pro’s and cons of each variety and giving our suggestions to other neighborhood kids. We had it down to a science. We were the only kids I knew that could go into the corner store with $2.50 and come out with a balanced meal including dessert. And it was while we enjoyed these very same meals, that we would look to the older gods with the dookie ropes and pagers and say to each other  “that will be us one day”. Square biz.  Ahhhh…the good ol’ days.

5 Responses

  1. i was a general in the hood on candy, i would open up my box of alexander the grapes ignore the nancy regan drug message printed on the label and feast, then after the feast i would make a whistle out the box and we would play hide and go seek into the night in jubilee

  2. All these candies were and still are delicious,each time I buy these I too get that nostalgic feeling of the good ol days.

    “Boston baked beans girls come to school with mad candy” – starks

  3. “now and later lady 5th floor buildin 780”- Ghostdini

    yo for real to have acces to candy in the hood was the cats ass and the bees knees! from chico sticks to bonkers (remember them shits) candy in the hood was big business….limbe’s too…a summer time delicacy..

  4. I went for Cherry Clan and the 5 cent giant sour patch kids myself. Them were the days… dinner for a dollar! 25cent bag of Wachusett Sour Cream & Onion, 25cent pack of Swiss Rolls, 25cent 4pack of Oatmeal cookies and an ice cold Teeni drink.

    Who’s lyrics are those? Columbus Park’s Eagles Market?

  5. I totally forgot about Alexander the Grapes. Thanks for reminding me. Those were the best!

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