Sweet Chilli Sauce Chick McNuggets Commercial

Bah dah dah dah dah this shit’s too funny I’m lovin it.

8 Responses

  1. agreed… shit is ridiculous

  2. this shit fuckin rapein our culture

  3. its cool wit me cuz i dont sing. i feel bad for all you R&B cats out there , you gonna have to start singing for mcdonalds if you want a deal

  4. ok peep it is very rare to catch this commerical on cnbc or like cnn, this is bet audience directly but damn i mean why not jus have the dude eating a watermelon tap dancing lol i love america b lol

  5. but on the real that sauce is ill b, it makes ya meal like chinise food b, good shit

  6. Got me a ten-piece guess your not so sting-ayyy

  7. lol u stupid rev

  8. lmao this is shuckin and jiven 2010 style… lol

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