Guru In a Coma???!!?!

“from grey skies comes blue through darkness comes light and I be known as the Guru”

Bad News people, word has it that Hip-Hop legend and the MC half of Gang Starr Guru (Keith Elam) suffered a heart attack earlier today and is presently in a coma.  Our thoughts and prayers are going out to Guru and his family, stay strong Guru.Mass Apeal – Gang Starr

3 Responses

  1. wow rev this is my fav song from them, thats why i posted my 2nd fav bee! no way youre gonna make it!!! love this shit

  2. […] Statik Selektah speaks on the Guru/Solar situation that has developed in the days following the news of Guru s Coma […]

  3. Alot of the time i see pages with silly comments and thought wouldn’t it be nice to be one.. Nice blog found you via google. Will check back. See what other jems you post.

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