Thug Planet (Video) – Capone N’ Noreaga Feat. Imam Thug & Musaliny

Finally, we get the first video from CNN for  The War Report 2, Thug Planet featuring Musaliny & Imam Thug.  It feel like 97 all over again.Thug Planet – CNN

7 Responses

  1. channel 10 once again WHAT WHAT! i love CNN this is it bee hardcore grimey grimey season is back

  2. i actually don’t like this song

    • LOL, Scrilla, you ever hear the expression, “if you got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”

      Why do you find it necessary to post
      “I actually don’t like this song”
      It’s all good son but damn whats with the negativity? You ain’t happy CNN doing War Report 2? not into sequels? what about terminator 2, or predator 2, or even empire strikes back son?
      Maybe you just don’t like the hype surrounding the record perhaps, I personally find this shit perfect to bounce too, imam greezy murders that hook, not to mention the nostalgia surrounding the whole feel of the music circa 97′
      what i’m trying to say is YOU BUGGIN!!!!

  3. lol….wheres the bassline??

  4. son its jus gutta no point, niggas on the block, brown bag 40 music, pure foolishness yet brilliant, people want a feeling feel me bee, today in music the older gods (us) jus want the feeling of yesteryear even if its not the best we jus want the feeling, and this shit gives me the feeling on putting on some tims and rocky a nappy fro drinking beers on murray ave

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