Affirmative Action – Cormega & Az

In Queens where my drugs be, I rock Guess jeans and Rugby’s

Saturday night (3-13-2010) up here in Massachusetts was a wild one weather wise, Nor’Easter status to say the least.  Despite the Hurricane like winds Scrilla, Hustle Womens and myself decided to brave the elements and take the 1 hour trek out to Cambridge to check out a Cormega & Az show at the Middle East.  Of course all the footage that I captured on my blackberry is muffled, luckily I was able to hunt down some clips from the night courtesy of Bostonianz 617.  Although most of the evening is fuzzy to me (haze & 16oz pabst has that effect) I do remember it was a  dope show and both of the artists showed off their respective catalogues, touching on classic albums like It Was Written, Stillmatic, The Testament, The Realness, Doe or Die, 9 Lives, Pieces of a Man, Aziatic The Firm Album.Although Cormega was later replaced in The Firm by Nas’ then protegé Nature, Cormega is still recognized as one of The Firm’s founding members along with Foxy Brown, Nas & Az.  Below is Affirmative Action from It Was Written & the Affirmative Action Remix which was the B-Side to Nas’ Street Dreams back in 97.Affirmative Action – Nas Feat. Cormega, Az & Foxy BrownAffirmative Action Remix – The Firm

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  1. they put it down for real

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