HHTT Productions: Brown Bag Rap

As we get closer to MASS STAND UP III let HHTT show you how we prep. World Premiere, Elijah Divine, XXL Lex Luthor and Brother Menelik in Brown Bag Rap.  HHTT is the machine this is for my team, the city, the world, lets get it b! And how can i forget the block peace Mainsouth/Chandler this where we came from, Worcester we here.Directed by: Rev & Lex Edited by: Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim

7 Responses

  1. give my man at the end the crown! all mc’s came proper no doubt but my man menelik needs a title no joke!! what you kids know bout hiding coke in the rice homie!

  2. lol fuck that i got the crown come get it! thanks for the props el la cheb ….and btw when yall gonna come through and get in on these hood vids? just an idea B

  3. hahaaha, i love HHTT truer words never spoken……..peace scrilla! peace el word get down here b, we doing it u see we kings, im bout to cop the la kings shit fo real ol skool starter cause we are kings bee in every sense i got ruby’s in my shit crown looking like fruit cake bee!

  4. […] “Brown Bag Rap” video featuring you, XXL Lex Luthor & myself (Brother Menelik) on hulkhatetimetravel.com has […]

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