Eloi Cole (Time Traveller) arrested at Large Hadron Collider

“Countries do not exist where I come from” – Eloi Cole

Here at HHTT Time Travel plays an integral role in everyday life, so when the story of Eloi Cole surfaced we weren’t too surprised. 

Eloi Cole is the time traveller who was arrested at CERN‘s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland last Thursday (4-1-2010) for trying to stop the LHC from destroying the planet.  Now because the events took place on April Fools day people are quick to dismiss these reports, however just two days prior to Eloi’s appearance CERN scientists “successfully recreated the conditions that were similar to the Big Bang” , coincidence…we think notEloi was later taken to a mental health facility in Switzerland where he has since vanished, for the entire story click here


7 Responses

  1. i knew this place would be the end of us all. “Behold the White Horse” by william cooper , he talked about all this shit in the late eighties and early nineties

  2. yup this 12 monkeys all over again b!

  3. Eloi Cole = Kyle Reese

  4. eu acho que ele veio do futuro mesmo mas de que ano?

  5. ciao io credo che il tutto sia vero sembrera’ strano ma sul mio cell è da un po’ che mi arrivano strani sms che per me sono indecifrabili ma la cosa sconcertante che la data è il 2093……. mah!

  6. Very interesting article and thank you for sharing. That’s one serious piece of machinery!

  7. It’s the doctor.
    He’s come to save our chocolate.

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