Boston’s Baby Gangstas – Glen Davis & Nate Robinson

“We’re like Shrek & Donkey, Best Friends” – Nate Robinson

The Boston Celtics tied up the NBA Finals at 2-2 last night against the L.A. Lakers, the real story however lies in the bench play, particularly that of Nate Robinson & Glen Davis who were the spark in Game 4 off the bench for the C’s.  Here is the clip from last night’s now infamous SlobberGate.

Equally as entertaining is Nate Robinson & Glen Davis press conference after the Game 4 victoy for the Celtics.

This isn’t Glen Davis’s first success in a Game 4 post season situation either, who could forget Glen’s game winning shot last year in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Orlando Magic.

6 Responses

  1. and what do baby’s do? they drool. lol

  2. sick game, sick post, DROOL! big baby has really proved to me he got that heart b

  3. “shrek and donkey” lol i cant believe u quoted that shit lol hahahahhahahaha classic b

  4. That was some iconic shit last night though for real.

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