Brother Menelik (Av) & XXL Lex Luthor – TriggaMan (R.I.P. Rob V.)

My nigga had a wiffle bat, bloody on the tip/ GT DINO chrome pegs up on the hips/ -Brother Menelik (Av)This track is dedicated to Rob V. We miss you b.

TriggaMan (R.i.p. Rob V) recorded by Brother Menelik (Av) & Lex Luthor mixed/edited/arranged by T in Da’ kitchen.

Happy Birthday V, we will never forget you b.

Oh shit its on again/ lex and av on the track goin hard again/ rob v honoring, iraq bombin em XXL Lex Luthor

3 Responses

  1. this is one of those songs where i feel extremely proud to be a part of R.I.P. to our brother V

  2. bless lex for getting down with me helping me develop such a track, bless T for seeing our vision and expanding upon it and adding that “T” flair, bless my team (HHTT, Rev we were jus fucking around or so we thought b!)for giving me the strength to stand tall and never look back, and bless my nigga V, you always was the bigga man, RIP ROB V forever be my triggaman RIP.

  3. this records crazy good work all around, ya’ll did your man justice. r.i.p. rob V

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