Anita Hill vs Clarence Thomas (1991)


In october of 1991 just before being officially sworn in to the supreme court after being nominated by George H. W. Bush, Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by Ms. Anita hill. As one comedian commented on the situation, the comment stuck with me forever “black on black crime at the highest level”.

Clarence was accused placing pubic hairs on her cans of coke and making unwelcome advances towards her. Now im not to sure about the pubic hair thing, but I am willing to bet money that Mr. Thomas saw a plump rump… and couldn’t help himself. I mean after all in politics you don’t really get to see a lot of physical attributes,because if you did he’d look a lot more happy than this…

Recently Anita was in the news again but this time it was for Virginia Thomas,the wife of Clarence. Ms Hill allegedly received a voicemail from Mrs. Thomas asking her to apologize for the accusations brought upon her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas…making polotics interesting since 1991…

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