Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim

Short and sweet here it goes………….. I always loved to write when I was younger I pursued rap, I had some local success but my purist beliefs always got in the way. Later I would come to find rap was not the outlet I was looking for, rap did help me write a lot better and fine tune my King’s English but I always felt boxed in. The group I was in was called DA LEG (Dark Legacy) we were straight militant, we didn’t rap about rims and shit it was always about lyrical madness. My partner in the group was the illustrious T.O.D. (Touch of Death), T was a beast and I still regard him today as one of my favorite rappers hands down. After my older brother was incarcerated I felt a need to write so I started on my first book “I KING”. The book was basically about me growing up in the main south area of Worcester,MA. I didn’t live in the worst conditions but it was rough, I seen people shot, crack feens, homeless kids, prostitutes, drugs etc at an early age.
My father was a great man, he forced education upon me, he believed in me when I did not. I was a troubled kid getting into bad situations but when I became a father I had my moment of clarity. I realized there is someone better than me, someone I would give my life and die for proudly. My father told me being a man is about sacrifice, I never understood what that meant until I became a father and realized how true he was.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim – otherwise known as Av – is a musician, writer, webmaster, promoter, producer and co founder of This eclectic web ’zine offers Av a way to comment on his creative environs, as well as promote and support the community he lives and breathes – Worcester.

0341look of beefmenelik-ebna
Oh yea this is to my band of brothers Chad, T, Rob, Ciph, and Rob V, -Live on-

Shay shay u are my heart and soul I love u always.

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13 Responses

  1. Your love for your father makes you great, bro.
    Nice knowing you.
    You’d make a great man.

  2. i remember that pose, u did it live on stage at worcester state, then my man preme did it. i think u a trendsetter fam

  3. im honestly humbled, you hit it on the head El i feel like thats what we trying to show, like u said a teens room in 1995, from what he was watching what he had on his walls what he listened to. me rev and lex are that kid

  4. Menelik, is it true that you’re always angry because you’re black?

  5. only a half truth, im very black so therefore im very angry

  6. C? tell me you type to cut jus like a blender

  7. Brother Men, just to let you know your name is spreading through the blogs. Keep on

  8. yo peep

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