Exploding Octopuss – Ill Bill


Ill Bill the Cult Leader drops a video to the Ted Kaczyniski biography/record Exploding OctopussThe Grimy Awards drops February 26th.

Wrath Of Cain (Trailer 2) – Pusha T


Wrath Of Cain coming soon…

48hrs Promo (HHTT Trailer)

24hrs left b.

48hrs (Promo)

Time travel w/ us in 48hrs…. Stay tuned b…….

Welcome Home Prodigy

After serving a 3 year bid for weapons charges Mobb Deep’s Prodigy was released this morning from a mid-state New York correctional facility.  P is already in the lab with Havoc, Alchemist & Big Noyd expect some new ehMoebeebee material real soon.

The Infamous Prelude – Prodigy

Roc Dukati R.I.P.

Late Tuesday night (3-2-2011) after a mixtape release party for Millyz at the Underbar on Tremont St. in Boston, talented up and coming Boston rapper Roc Dukati was killed in a fatal shooting. 

ThatsMajor.info dedication

Fox Boston Story

If you weren’t up on Roc’s music check out the video he did with Cam’ron & Vado for How Ya Livin here

Im’ma Kill This Nigga – Roscoe P. Coldchain Feat. Ab-Liva

The folks over at DJ Premier’s blog let go of a CDQ of one of the records Roscoe P. Coldchain recorded with DJ Premier recently, Im’ ma Kill This Nigga featuring fellow Philly native/Star Trak affiliate Ab-Liva.  Roscoe was arrested back in 08 for his connection to a double homicde, damn shame cot damn.

Imma Kill This Nigga – Roscoe P Coldchain Feat. Ab-Liva

While your here, check out another dope Coldchain/Premier collaboration Whut Itz All About.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

In 1991 The Silence of the Lambs was released, directed by Jonathan Demme starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. I remember having this film on VHS and finding myself captivated by the sheer brilliance of Anthony Hopkins role as Hannibal Lecter. Jodie Foster plays Clarice Starling a young FBI trainee who seeks help from Hannibal to locate another serial killer by the name of Buffalo Bill. The movie to this day is still one of the best and is in my top 10 of all time b.This is 1991

Rodney King (1991)


Now I must admit…. Rodney King is no saint…not even close…but how bad do you have to be to get your ass whooped like he did? I mean being a young black man, I go through the normal DWB shit (driving while black) and I already know that some of these boys in blue, just from the way they talk and attempt to intimidate me, would love nothing more than to give me a fresh lump or two. So I ask why give them a reason? You see, what a lot a folks never knew is that when the police tried to pull Mr king over, who actually was drunk at the time, he took the boys in blue on a high-speed chase because he knew he was violating his parole and didn’t want to go back to prison…now if there is one thing I know it’s if you make the cops run, their bringing an ass whoopin with them…Mr King gave them too many reasons. Luckily thanks to some great amateur video we all got to see Mr.king get his ass whooped, for the first “documented” time.

After watching the video you would assume it should be a clear case of excessive force at the least…but guess what happens to the L.A.P.D. police officers? Yup nothing…and you know why? Cuz the LAPD was pulling strings like a mutha…after switching the judge, moving to a new courthouse and changing the jury pool to 10 whites, 1 hispanic and 1 asian the officers involved were home free. But the whole world was paying attention by now and given the LAPD’s shady history, los angelens were not about to have this deed go unpunished. So in 1992 when the officers were acquited, the people of Los Angeles took matters into their own hands and all hell broke loose….Where Were You?

Mike Tyson Meets Desiree Washington (1991)

Wretched swine of a womanIn 1991 Mike meets a beautiful young Miss Black America contestant at a pageant rehearsal, they then go to his hotel room. Then the bitch set him up.

This is 1991