Jordan vs. Bird Super One on One (Launch Party Download)


Oh yea you know ya boy Menelik played many a game of Jordan vs. Bird. Im a true vet fo real, started off young playing it for the NES then graduated to the Sega Genesis version. I can remember playing the slam dunk contest selecting from an assortment of dunks, thinking to myself damn this is incredible. If the dunk contest gets a little boring, take Bird on and test ya luck. Oh yea Larry’s “J” is all day in that bitch!

Jordan vs Bird Super One on One Download

NBA LIVE ’96 (Rom Download)


This is a pic of the mega drive/genesis version. I couldnt get a video of the sega version but they are very close. Either way this is an excellent game.These were the good ol days when you created a player it was like playin the lottery. this made it easier to keep the game equal and have those nail biter games wit the game winning clutch shot. i could easily blow through 4 hours enjoying this game. rev and brother men could agree 4.5/5 is a solid score for this classic b-ball gem. This post comes in the anticipation of our release party being held tonight at 8pm EST be sure to log on to get your free copy of this and more sega genesis classics like this.

NBA Live 96 Download