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    Well why not, picture the incredible Hulk going through time. I know Doc Strange use to send the Hulk to alternate dimensions in the comics but if Hulk could travel through time, picture all the stuff he would see. This website is a internet magazine, a mash up if you will of music, Hip-Hop, news, sports, movies and then some. Any Dj's, Producers, Mc's or Graph artists who want to have there material showcased or reviewed contact Reviresco on Twitter @RevH2T2
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    REAL TALK is a monthly local hip-hop segment in Worcester Magazine written by Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim of HulkHateTimeTravel.com (w/contributors XXL Lex Luthor & Reviresco)
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Fighter Profile: Marquise “Da Beast” Brown

Fighter profile for Marquise “Da Beast” Brown fighting out of Worcester MMA.


Avery Bradley dunks over Ed Davis


Young Avery Bradley goes beastmode over Memphis Grizzlies forward Ed Davis.

Michael Jordan – King Louie


#MarchMadness continues for King Louie with his new video for Michael Jordan.

Lyrical Monster – J Dolla$


J Dolla$ takes it to Wolf Gang MMA in his new set of visuals for Lyrical Monster.

DeAndre Jordan over Brandon Knight


Peep DeAndre Jordan’s alley oop over Brandon Knight last night.

Jeff Green Dunks on Orlando Magic


Jeff Green stays on his beast mode against the Orlando Magic.

Rap Game Patrick Ewing – RiFF RaFF Feat. Ghetty


Jody Highroller hooks up with Ghetty for his latest video, Rap Game Patrick Ewing.

Rap Game Patrick Ewing – RiFF RaFF Feat. Ghetty