My Crest

My Colors

 Reviresco translation from latin, I Grow Strong Again or I flourish Again



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9 Responses

  1. your colors would be ill patchwork on a polo

  2. like a phoenix that arose from the ashes…….

  3. like the greatness of going for a second round

  4. son thats glomgold’s castle from ducktales, might solve a mystery or re-write history nigga!

  5. That is my friggin crest, and you seem to be a negative kinda guy. I am not sure how I feel about that.
    BTW…I am a phoenix, rising from the ashes. I come from chaos, and am focused on redemption. Not in the messed up kinda way, just getting my shit together, and forming my own opinions.
    Peace. (With luck).

  6. Nah that’s my friggin Crest, and friggin Castle (in Scotland) as far as negative, not sure where you get that from but I’ma keep it movin

  7. Hello there, anyway i only think i publish and let you know your blogs layout is actually nice

  8. yes it is a crest, Maxwell crest, my family crest. and well done on the colours. that’s the correct one.

  9. I am very proud to be a Norwegian desendent of Maxwell Klan.
    Can anybody help me to find my roots?

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