Michael Jackson – The Lady in My Life

mjladyinmylifeIt’s funny how we realize the genius in some after their passing, glad I seen it before. I always knew Mike was a genius and that was only reaffirmed after his passing. Lady in my life is one of my favorite songs off the Thriller album and it goes great with a grape dutch. Michael’s harmonies are unmatched and the production is stellar making this another classic from the King Of Pop.

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

dire straits

I remember as a kids being fascinated with the video, it was ahead of its time using computer graphics and glowing animation. Even without the video the song holds its own, the bass is so funky with the heavy guitar over it one cannot help to nod. What really makes the track unique is Sting’s beautiful falsetto in the background, what this does is make an already good song into legendary. “Money for nothing and the chicks for free“, oh hell yea! HHTT APPROVED

Mr. Wave – New York City Breakers

Mr. Wave and The New York City Breakers killing it as they always do back on the short-lived yet landmark t.v. show Graffiti Rock in 1984.  Mr. Wave also battled the Rock Steady Crew alongside the rest of his his team in the hip-hop classic Beat Street.

In The Shadow Of A Giant


Sam Bowie will forever be known as the player drafted above Michael Jordan, and also one of the biggest bust. Sam was the logical pick for Portland no doubt, I mean they did draft a guard the previous year (Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler). Bowie averaged 10.5 ppg with the Trail Blazers but was injury prone so they traded him to New Jersey. In the shadow of the greatest NBA player of all time is there really anything that Sam could have done to shed more light onto himself??? Sadly I think not, it will go down as one of Portland’s biggest mistakes not drafting Jordan and we all remember when Jordan showed them why with his outstanding performance in the 1992 NBA Finals. 20042425_0c40bf9504mj_air_jordan_i