Teen Wolf

In high school my life was similar to that of Teen Wolf, post fur of course.

When I was in high school my life was very similar to that of the Teen Wolf. I would break-dance in the hallways of academia, played basketball, got all the girls, I shook hands with geeks at times, surfed on my best friends van and I too also had to deal with a principal who was hell bent on expelling me! Dead up I fucks with Michael J, in the 80’s he could do no wrong, I mean c’mon bee peep…. Back to the Future, Secret of my Success etc he was killing the box office! Teen Wolf is about a geek kid who transforms into a wolf with puberty or someshit, the main point is he gets fur! You would think that becoming a werewolf would hinder shit, nah bee it don’t! When Mike became the wolf his life became 10 times better, bitches loved him and he was popular, what more could a youth want??? @ HHTT we know our cinema and for all those 80’s babies who remember the classics, we gonna help you reminisce one more time.



Data-Analysing-Robot-Youth-Lifeform or D.A.R.Y.L. was an awesome movie. One of my favorite movies growing up, daryl had it all. Directed by Simon Wincer and starring Barret Oliver, Mary Beth Hurt, Michael McKean, Danny Corkill and Josef Sommer; daryl gets placed with a couple looking to adopt while being monitored by a secret government agancy. As daryl’s human interactions increase he begins to feel, become more emotional and question his origins…which the government refuses to accept. So a decision   must be made and the government chooses to abort the project and terminate daryl…..but how do you terminate the perfect weapon. bottom line this is an entertaining flick thats sure to please,enjoy.

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

dire straits

I remember as a kids being fascinated with the video, it was ahead of its time using computer graphics and glowing animation. Even without the video the song holds its own, the bass is so funky with the heavy guitar over it one cannot help to nod. What really makes the track unique is Sting’s beautiful falsetto in the background, what this does is make an already good song into legendary. “Money for nothing and the chicks for free“, oh hell yea! HHTT APPROVED

Merry Christmas from HHTT

Don’t They Know It’s Christmas?” – Band Aid (Sting, Bono, George Michael, Paul Young, Boy George, Phil Collins etc.)

“This Christmas” – Donny Hathaway

“Merry Muthafuckin X-mas” – Eazy-E

“That’s what Christmas means to Me” – Stevie Wonder

“Last Christmas” – Wham 

“Dominick The Donkey” – Lou Monte