The Moon Is Walking – Ladysmith Black Mambazo

The Moon is Walking by Ladysmith Black Mambazo appears during the closing credits of the 1988 classic Michael Jackson  film, Moonwalker.Moon Is Walking Ladysmith Black Mambazo

The Wizard


This movie alone engraved the Nintendo Entertainment System as the most popular video game system ever. All of you 80’s babies could never deny the power this movie had. From the introduction of the power glove, the( twister like) track and field interactive running mat, to the most awesome unveiling of Super Mario Bros. 3 which had yet to be released in the U.S. This movie helped make SMB3 one of the most sought after nintendo games ever. Starring Fred Savage,Luke Edwards, and Jenny Lewis The Wizard also known as Joy Stick Heroes was one of the most influencial video game based movies ever made. It makes you wonder if playstation or Xbox could ever come close to what nintendo has done….not in the terms of just sales (cuz i kno ps2 has sold the most) but to be able to build a movie around your product and make it worth watching…that my friend….is a hard thing to do.

Friday the 13th Part VIII

In 1989 Jason Voorhees, tired of Camp Crystal Lake,  decided to head to NYC in the 8th installment of the Friday The 13th series, Jason Takes Manhattan.  Although this film is largely considered to be one of the worst from the series I see it differently and have to place it in my top 5 dead or alive Jason flicks. 

Jason Voorhees almost met his match in the clip below, it’s taken towards the end of the movie, and features Julius & Jason’s epic rooftop battle.  However unfortunately (for Julius’ sake) ends in Jason connecting with a rugged right upper cut that would  even make Mike Tyson proud.     “Take your best shot, Motherfucker” 

Happy Friday the 13th!!! 13 backwards is 31 Happy Halloween!!!

River City Ransom

rcrboxBack in the day everyone had Nintendo, I mean the system was so popular that you never had to think twice of asking someone if they had one. One of the top games on the system was River City Ransom, What you must understand is this game was a G’s game fo real. Peep, the story was some dude slick stole ya chick and now you gotta go through rough neighborhoods fighting goons and bosses trying to find her. I loved this game cause the fighting was similar to Double Dragon, but it had a lil role playing feel. After you fucked someone up they dropped there loot, you take a goons money and buy food for health and vitamins etc. The main point is the whole game is about beef and fucking niggas up, what more could you ask for in 89.


The Cool Kids – Pennies

The Cool Kids have won me over. I cant lie im obsessed with the 80’s like a mutha, plus I love vintage jeans, those ol hi tops with the big nike orange tag (not the lil fake one that they brought back, the big orange one in plastic from like ’88) and nelson Mandela t shirts. These kids are on to something with there gritty production and clever lyrics. Peep the track “pennies”, all im gonna say is the whistle gets you bee.


It Was 1989

The 1st picture is banned from Cleveland I believe but cherished in Chicago as one of the most celebrated moments in the history of “Jordan”. It was the 1989 Playoffs where this shot took place; Craig was actually having a pretty good game until the great one ended it all in stunning fashion with a shot over him from the foul line. When Michael placed that shot it seemed as if time froze and he stood in the air long enough to snap his wrist perfectly and release the final dagger into the Cleveland Cavs. Ehlo collapsed as if to say “what more could I have done??” NOTHING EHLO, There was nothing no one could have done.


Watch the classic shot