In keeping  with my theme of time travel I’d like to take you back once again to the best era of my life…well one of the best. No doubt the 90’s was evolutionary for hip hop, but what about the technology? I remember waiting for this game to hit the home console and sure enough I went and copped a super nintendo entertainment system specifically for this arcade banga KILLER INSTINCT. This game was created for all of those combo lovers out there. With mortal kombat and street fighter dominating the fighting game genre this was a nice substitute for either game. With the best commentary of any fighting game yet KILLER INSTINCT is 100% HHTT approved!



In keepin with our tribute to the most influential year of our lives I couldn’t help but honor one of our favorite movies ever. Directed by Nick Gomez  NEW JERSEY DRIVE was one of the most controversial movies released in 1995. In fact, it was only released in select cities, and Worcester was not one of them. But we did not forget about it, I remember waiting to rent it from Main st video.That shit would always be rented out but thanks to the glorious invention of the dual deck VCR (we would never commit piracy or copyright infringement) Brotha men and I were able to watch this movie till we could repeat it word for word. This was the sickest movie available, next to” The Show” (real OG’s will remember that shit too) at the time. The film stars Sharron Corley, Gabriel Casseus, and Saul Stein. At the time, the city of Newark had the highest automobile theft rate in the country, and Newark mayor Sharpe James, refused to allow filming of New Jersey Drive within the city limits, so the filming was completed in the surrounding locations of Newark rather than Newark itself. With that being said, this movie had it all. From rockin the Carhart coats and timbalands to gettin harassed by the cops and ya moms wit your friends geekin on you for it lol this film has everything that made 1995 one of the best years period. Not to mention one of the best movie soundtracks to ever be released which Rev has already stated in his post back in November

But in case you forgot here it is again. Their could not have been a better ending to this movie. Take a listen to Queen Latifah as she rips it for her home town as the credits roll. Simply perfect.


Nas and Kelis Divorce


Nas and Kelis have finally parted ways after six years of marriage. She has filed for divorce a spokesperson said to VIBE magazine. The reason is the typical Hollywood one “irreconcilable differences” whatever the fuck that means. All this while Kelis is 7 Months Pregnant, bitch got that nigga.

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MAN after I saw brotha men drop that nine track I had to go get my boyz. The lost boyz brought a style all there own to the rap scene in,of course, 1995 with lifestyles of the rich and shameless. the debut single helped the lost boyz take off and become a very sought after sound of the mid 90’s. I especially remember this track because it was the first cd played in my new technics stereo system with the 10″ subs. I played the shit out of this song and brotha men heard it many times bumpin in the alley way.enjoy.RIP freeky tah.

Nine – Whutcha Want


Before DMX came with his signature gritty sound, in 95 (the glorious year) a mc named Nine dropped Wutcha Want? I can still remember watching rap city being hypnotized by the melodic beat and gruffy flow. This is classic New York champion hoodie, army fatigue, timberland music right here. Shot in New York the video is a time capsule to ’95, the chick pushing the jeep while nine spits, to the homies huddled in the hood, i love it. I cant stress enough why 1995 was so glorious, Lex, Rev and I all grew up in one of the most exciting era’s in hip hop, HHTT is 1995 period! Whutcha Want?

Whutcha Want – Nine

HHTT 1995


In 1995 the coolest drug dealer would be pushing a camry bumping Only built 4 Cuban linx. The year 1995, kicks are fresh nikes, this is HHTT.

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