ESPN 30 for 30 Pony Excess

Rescheduled to air on Dec 11th 9pm estTonight premiering on ESPN from its classic 30 for 30 series is Pony Excess, the story of one of the winningest teams in college football The Mustangs of SMU.  In the early 80’s SMU would do anything to win which also meant paying players whatever to commit. I remember hearing about Eric Dickerson and his gold Trans Am and of course the Death Penalty and tonight we will all get an in-depth view of one of the biggest scandals in college football. You know what im peeping tonight b!

Jordan Rides The Bus – 30 for 30 (ESPN)

In 1993 after a 3-peat with the Chicago Bulls and leading the Dream Team to a gold medal in Barcelona Michael Jordan shocked the world by stepping away from the NBA and toward the MLB.  Jordan Rides The Bus will premier tonight on ESPN at 8:00 P.M. (DON’T SLEEP!!!)

1991 Cotton Bowl Touchdown – Randall “Thrill” Hill

Growing up I sported the Miami Huricanes Starter jacket, (the ones with the big pocket in the front) with that being said when I heard ESPN’s 30 for 30 would be airing Billy Corbens’s documentary on The U it was a must-view.  The Miami Hurricanes destroyed the Texas Longhorns 46 – 3 in the 1991 Cotton Bowl.  The most famous play of the game however was Randall Thrill Hill’s touchdown reception and celebration which he ran directly into the tunnel and performed a six-shooter routine with his hands.