DJ Ruckus’ Wondaful Wed. Mix Series Wk 27 – Jeezy Mix

DJ Ruckus is really getting shine with his Wondaful Wed. Mix Series and here @ HHTT we are more than happy to support! This Wednesday’s mix is a special brew for all the Jeezy fans, the ultimate collection right here and its FREE B!

DJ Ruckus’ Wondaful Wed. Mix Series Wk 27 – Jeezy Mix


I’m So Hood (remix)
I Got My Locs On
Put On
Umma Do Me Freestyle
They Know Freestyle
I Do This
Gangsta Music
Standing Ovation
Louie Verse
You Know What It Is
Ya Dig
What They Want
Miss Me w/ dat rap shit
That’s How You Feel
Welcome Back
Play Wit Me Money
My Hood
White Girl remix
My President Is Black
Bottom Of The Map
Who dat
Grew Up A Screw Up
Diamonds On My Damn Chain
Mr Magic City
Tell Tell Tell
Trap Or Die
Top Back (remix)
Air Forces
Ima G freestyle
Tear It Up
Rumor Has It
Over Here
And Then What
Hood Nigga verse
Trap Star
Blame It freestyle
Mic Check (remix)
Out Here Grinding
Luv Your Girl
Scotty (remix)
Real G’s
So Paid
When I See U (remix)
Mr 17.5
Money In The Bank



snuggie Niggas look like monks bee -Av

I was awake at 3am last night and i realized sometimes you come across commercial that either make outrageous claims or that are just ridiculous. Remember Cleo the Jamaican Psychic ?? or how about the partyline girls dancing to their special song “CALL ME, pick up the phooooooonnnnneeeee”. Well on yet another sleepless night I came across a commercial that I originally thought was a parody until they put the company number and order info on the screen. It’s 2009 and the Snuggie has officially taken over , it has been on the Ellen Degeneres show and has a bunch of parody spin-offs. I think the original commercial is too funny to even make a parody of, watch how happy dad is when he clicks channels on the remote and how he raises the roof with ease at the end of the clip , lol funniest shit I seen all week THANKS SNUGGIE !!