HHTT Productions: Ethereal (King Shit)

up eEthereal of Nite People on the street spitting that King Shit, Worcester stand up!

HHTT Productions: This Is The Carter

Real shit, a kid on main south looking for dope……….and he found some.

HHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing

hhtt wcuwlex and maipulatorrev t and brother men

Last Friday HHTT invaded Selective Hearing hosted by Yohon DI and Kusto of WCUW 91.3. Elijah Divine and T.O.D. were also in attendance as we sat down with Selective Hearing to speak about our website, music, the local scene and much more.e and lexdal leg and elijahkusto phoneHHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing Flickr

HHTT on Park Ave/ Leitrim Pub Wall Graffiti (Worcester)

Start On The Street: Worcester


Hip hop is something that resides deep in our soul, the culture is beautiful its self expression in its rawest form. Growing up hip hop was more than music, it was my life. Certain songs bring back certain memories, certain memories bring back songs, its funny. HHTT has a deep love for where we grew up and always love to put on for our city. Chilling on Park Ave we noticed the art on the Leitrim Pub wall and decided to post up, seeing the art made me think of how much I still love hip hop and love being from the City of Wor. HHTT City Of Worrev-check-artmen-close-on-wall-art

Check the rest of the pics HHTT on Park Ave/ Leitrim Pub Wall Graffiti (Worcester)

Visit Leitrim’s to get a good drink on

Annual arts and culture festival taking place in Worcester, MA the 3rd Sunday in September. This event is planned by the Central Massachusetts Arts Assembly.


Worcester Hip Hop


You know me as Brother Menelik, but a while back I went by the MC name of “Av”. I was in a group called Da Leg with my brother T.O.D. and found some local success with pain along the way. Good people like Nytmare and Frank the Butcher tried to create a platform in Worcester MA, for artists to grow and it was very beneficial. Years have passed and I have moved on somewhat but still have a deep love and appreciation for hip-hop, I still rap when I feel like it and produce here and there. There are so many artists in Worcester, Mass with such great skills but hardly any outlets. I think back to the days of performing, remembering how much fun I had and how Worcester for a moment was starting to rise from the ashes.

That’s why I’m calling all Worcester artists to submit material to hulkhatetimetravel@gmail.com

Hulkhatetimetravel is one of the fastest growing internet magazines and wants to help out our local artists.

Gotta put on for my city.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim
Co-Editor In Chief