Boyz N The Hood (1991) Ad

Why didn’t Ricky follow Tre?

This is 1991

Nike Air Jordan VI (1991)

He won his first championship and Finals MVP wearing these shoes.  My older brother had em, I wanted them. Jordan’s are not just shoes they are a right of passage b, I didn’t get my first 6’s till 1999 and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

This is 1991

D-Nice – They Call Me D-Nice (BDP Live On)

Taking out you suckas and you don’t know how I did it!

One of my biggest influences in the game hands down is the TR-808 aka D-Nice. D had the swag fo real b, he had that cool flow. Working on new music makes me realize how much I want to honor cats like D-Nice. A lot of my style is from this man right here, what they taught I learned b.D-Nice Rocks The House is the prequel to They Call Me D-Nice, teaming  a young Nice up with Scott La Rock which would eventually be the ticket to Nice landing his solo deal. Scott La Rock  helped D develop his skill and would serve as a mentor/brother/friend up until his tragic passing in ’87.Peep a young D-Nice, KRS-ONE and DJ Scott La Rock (BDP) Circa ’86BDP Live on RIP Scott La Rock

Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy

“My god so they are killers!”


One of the greatest beats in hip hop with one of the best lyricist what do you get??? Mighty Healthy. This is Ghost best work in my opinion, you can argue with that but its my opinion. The grittiness of the video, lyrical, content, production ,this is truly a rare gem. Ghost established him self in the forefront of Wu with Supreme Clientele, and also as one of the best lyricist in Hip Hop. Good look to Rev for finding this video back in the day and putting me on, here it is once again for the forgotten.

“Kill one man or kill ten its all the same, after all they can only hang you once.”

The inspiration for this post Ghostdeini The Great



Now its one thing to hear it from us about how the 90’s were the best and rawest years of hip hop; but when you here it from the O.G.’s of hip hop how can you deny it? How can you possibly go against 3 of the realest MC’s to ever bless hip hop?

MTV Party To Go

Stop Fronting, you know you owned one of these back in the day.  I can’t lie even I had a couple, they always contained non-stop hits with always a couple questionable jams thrown in the mix.  Remember K7 “come baby come” Positive K “I got a Man” or even “Cantaloop” by US 3?  all classics put on to me by mtv party to go.     

12 Monkeys

Nothing short of a classic! This move is about Bruce Willis going back in time to stop a virus that kills five billion people in 1996 and 97 forcing survivors to live underground. In the future there is Time Travel but its not precise at all, sometimes the traveler may end up close to the year they are trying to get to but at times its off by the span of 100 years. Brad Pitt plays a phenomenal role as a psycho in the loony bin who aids Bruce. Time waits for no man and in this outstanding film from Terry Gilliam, he makes you understand that. The overall theme is dark and gritty making the future seem bleak yet tangible. This movie is classic pick the DVD up pronto!


The NBA on NBC was a weekly presentation of National Basketball Association games on the National Broadcasting Company television network from 1955 to 1962, and again from 1990 to 2002. The NBA on NBC succeeded the NBA on CBS. During NBC’s partnership with the NBA, the league rose to unprecedented popularity for the sport, with ratings surpassing the days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the mid-eighties.

I don’t remember a lot of fond memories of my childhood but I do remember some. My father the greatest man I ever met loved basketball and that reciprocated to me. In the early 90’s when the NBA left CBS to NBC many didn’t think the move was right. That was clearly wrong, the NBA never seen revenue like they did from 1990-2002 the span in which NBA on NBC lasted. The way Bob Costas did the intro for games, the overview of the skyline outside the arena, Marv Albert quotes, it was beautiful. I watched Jordan clinch many a playoff berth, I watched Clyde finally validate his greatness and I seen Kobe 3peat. I know cats are like what about SHAQ!!! He sick also but these are some of my memories and I do agree SHAQ is sick! I think back to Sundays with my pops watching triple headers, him with his Miller high life me with my Kool-aid. Just listen to the theme shits nostalgic like a muthafucka!

2 Deep – Gang Starr

“your weak-minded opinions could never come near this”

2 Deep off of Gang Starr’s 1992 classic album Daily Operation.

2 Deep – Gang Starr

22 Questions w/Jay (The Hip Hop Purist)


1. When do you think Hip Hop started to fall?

Jay: 2002 I was down south and felt like that’s were it started to fall

2.  Public Enemy or BDP and why?
BDP. I respect P.E. but BDP is a collection of mc’s, it’s the collection
3.  Favorite member in the Wu?


4. Your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

Garbage, not hip hop its pop! Follow the next man shit

5. Define for you the golden era in hip-hop?

Cant touch the 80’s too young hmmm, 93-99

6. Do you feel krs and the other elements of hip-hop he established?

Don’t care too much

7. Why do u think lil wayne gets so much attention?

Decline of the western civilization

8. Will the Wu tang clan ever return to its prominence?


 9. 88 or 94 and why?

94, I lived it

10. Ready to die or Life After Death?

Ready to die

11. Boot Camp or Wu?


12. Ghost or Sean P?


13. Its 1999 Tommy Hill or Nautica?

Nautica! Remember Nautica fleeces!

14. Cream or cant it be all so simple?

       When you think Wu you think “Cream”          

15. Favorite Malt Liquor?

Gotta go with crocked eye

16. Redman or Busta?


17. Houston vs Miami Hip Hop?


18. Puffy in 2000 or Weezy in 2007?

Weezy 2007

19. 50 Cent or Fat Joe?

Fat Joe DITC days

20. Starter Jackets or Champion Hoodies?


21. Nas or Big

Nas, when its all said and done it’s the catalogue of music

22. It was written or stillmatic?

It was written


Interview conducted by HHTT Brain Trust