Method Man – The Riddler


1995 once again in this bitch! Not many people remember this but Mr. Mef did a track for one of the Batman movies, the movie I can care less about but the song was called The Riddler and its Mef at his finest. Rza provided Method with a chilling beat and he did more than rip it he shredded that shit. MeThod Man – The RiddLer

Double Impact

double impact jeandi1di2

This weekend I got a chance to watch a classic through the good people at Youtube. It seems Youtube is offering free full length movies provided by Crackle. I know most people by now know how to get anything they want off the net illegally but for the shook ones this is highly recommended. The movie I discovered was a gem from my childhood, Double Impact. The film was cutting edge allowing Van Damme to play dual roles side by side w/himself. The movie is about 2 brothers (Van Damme) who are separated as babies when their parents are killed off violently. One gets taken to America to live the privileged life while the other grows up in the streets of Hong Kong. 25 years later they meet for the first time and team up to avenge their parent’s deaths. Van Damme does an excellent job playing both roles, showing both a darker and lighter side to him. They don’t make em like this no more, pure action with extra blood! HHTT APPROVED Watch Double Impact Now!





THEY LIVE is an all time 80’s classic starring Keith David and Rowdy Roddy Piper this was one of my favorites growing up. but after watching it when your older and understanding how the world works, this movie offers a refreshing what if…. not to mention that there is an awesome plot, a XXL helping of action and, the BEST fight scene ive seen in a long time. Watch for the first time or watch it again…. its time well spent.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


I’m a big comic book head and the X-Men have always been one of my favorite. 2 Characters held a special place in my black heart, Wolverine and Cyclops. The X-Men movies that have been released so far have been decent each leaving you hoping for a better film in the next which they have done. When I heard they were doing a prequel on Wolverine I got hyped and knew this would be the film to see. The Film is based on Wolverine’s origin and time with team X, and if you know anything about Wolverine you will know he has one of the sickest origins in comic history!

This movie will also chronicle his time before his skeleton became bonded with the metal adamantium.

Black Coffee II (Revelations)

Black Coffee II (Promo)


If you haven’t peeped the first Black Coffee then get your game up here.

They killed his partner, a bitch set him up and a priest is wrapped up in the mess somehow.

Black Coffee II (Revelations) Coming Soon to HHTT

Black Coffee

A year or two back I was obsessed with a game for the PC called the “Movies”. The game started you off with a lot in the 20’s and you grow from there making movies and moving through time. The main thing that hooked me to the game was the ability to create your own movies with original sound etc. With the game I made a few movies and I decided to showcase them here, the first I will display is a classic called “Black Coffee”. Black Coffee is about a cop from the 70’s who lost his partner and is trying to find the man who done it. Simple premise I know but watch, it may surprise you.

All production and vocal work done by Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim for HHTT Productions

Mr. Wave – New York City Breakers

Mr. Wave and The New York City Breakers killing it as they always do back on the short-lived yet landmark t.v. show Graffiti Rock in 1984.  Mr. Wave also battled the Rock Steady Crew alongside the rest of his his team in the hip-hop classic Beat Street.

Steven Segal:Lawman


A&E is currently in the process of a new reality show starring Steven Segal. This non-fiction series will follow him working as a deputy with the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff’s Office in New Orleans. First off this is the real deal, Steven has been moonlighting as a cop for quite sometime so his arm breaking skills should be of good use now. Segal seems to have strong ties with Louisiana he’s noted for also assisting in the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Many will say this move is perfect timing to rival Jean Claude with his new flick JCVD, but for a ol action head like me what is not to love??? I got two of my stars back in the limelight, damn it’s like1993 all over!

Enforcement Droid Series 209 (Ed 209)


Robocop is a classic beyond measure which contained so many great moments I would need an entire site to pay tribute. One of my favorite scenes is when they bring in Ed-209 and the dude holds the gun at Dick Jones in a threatening manner. This is all supposed to be a training of sorts showing the Ed-209’s capabilities but shit goes all wrong!

Peep the classic scene