2nd Watchmen Trailer

The long overdue Watchmen is set for release 3-6-09, score one for DC comics & Zack Snyder, this new trailer looks epic and from what I can tell looks true to the story.

Ozymandias (Watchmen)

107645-166121-ozymandias_largeFirst things first read the Watchmen.

Now I can continue, the reason I fucks with Ozymandias is cause he is the ultimate. Here is a brillant dude who see’s the world will self destruct and takes it upon himself to save it. Ozy is willing to murder millions of innocents to preserve the lives of billions, THAT’S REAL! The man was left mad money but decided to give it all away and travel the world making his own mark. Incredible intellect and can throw hands with the best of them is the reason why Ozymandias is one of the sickest characters of all time.


There is so much more I could go into but that is the glory of the book itself, read the Watchmen its HHTT approved.