Lookin 4 Ya (Jedi Remix) – Big Boi Feat. Andre 3000

I’ve been rockin to the regular version of Lookin’ 4 Ya all summer, now we got an updated remix with new verses from the Outkast MC’s.

Lookin 4 Ya (Jedi Remix) – Big Boi Feat. Andre 3000

You Ain’t No DJ (Video) – Big Boi Feat. Yelawolf

New video from Big Boi for You Ain’t No DJ featuring Yelawolf, the Andre 3000 produced record from Big Boi’s album Sir Lucious Leftfoot The Son of Chico Dusty.

You Aint No DJ – Big Boi Feat. Yelawolf

All Together Now – Andre 3000

With all the excitement surrounding Big Boi’s upcoming album it’s good to hear from his Outkast counterpart Andre 3000 to see what he’s been up to.  Check out his cover of the Beatles Yellow Submarine classic All Together Now and the accompanying Nike commercial.

All Together Now – Andre 3000

Shutterbug (Video) – Big Boi

The first official video from Big Boi’s upcoming solo album Chico Left Foot The Son of Chico Dusty the Scott Storch produced Shutterbug.

Shutterbug – Big Boi

Crackers – Chris Rock

Man I’ve been telling people about this song for years, I first heard this on Prince Paul’s Myspace page years ago and it’s still one of the funniest things Chris Rock has been apart of.  Now that he made the video it’s a wrap, enjoy Crackers!

Shine Blockas (Video) – Big Boi Feat. Gucci Mane

New video for Big Boi & Gucci Mane’s Shine Blockas, still think they should do a serious video for this one though.http://hulkhatetimetravel.com/2009/10/13/shine-blockas-big-boi-feat-gucci-mane/

Shine Blockas – Big Boi Feat. Gucci Mane

Coastin’ – Pill

New one from Atlanta’s own Pill produced by Mick Vegas Coastin’ taken from Pill’s upcoming mixtape 4075: The Refill.Coastin\’ – Pill