Brandon Jennings

Saturday night (11/14/09) Milwaukee Bucks rookie point guard and 10th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft Brandon Jennings made history scoring 55 points.  After graduating from Oak Hill Academy Jennings went to play pro-basketball in Italy for Lottomatica Roma instead of playing for the Arizona Wildcats causing quite the stir throughout most of the basketball community.  So far this season Jennings is averaging over 25 points & 5 assists per game, and if that wasn’t enough, watch this steal and finish from the rookie earlier this season against the Pistons.

Don’t front, you knew he was going to be a problem when you saw him bringing back the flat top at the McDonalds All-American Game in 08.

Can’t Crush My Cool – Juice feat. Bun B


Juice (formerly of Black WallStreet) hooks up with the Underground King Bun B for Can’t Crush My Cool produced by Drumma Boy. Juice is now signed through a joint venture with Grand Hustle to Phoenix Suns All-Star Forward [Hyp]ocalypto Entertainment, so stay tuned.


DMX Going To Celebrity Rehab


After DMX completes his Arizona Prison bid he will back in public view. X will join the cast of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab and spend 21 days of detoxification and group therapy in the L.A. area. I hope X really goes through with the treatment and cleans up his act, we need that old X back.

Charles Barkley Gets 5 Days in Jail for DUI


Charles Barkley Gets 5 Days in Jail for DUI

They sending my nigga sir charles to a 5 day bid for that DUI bulshit. Charles a real g, I remember when he pushed that nigga through the window back in the day. This a lil bid for a nigga like him he will sleep that shit, no doubt.

Oh yea no charges were filled for the burner in his whip.


I bet even Jordan like, damn.

#7 Kevin Johnson KJ


  and After

During the media-swirl of the high-profile election year NBA great Kevin Johnson  was elected Mayor of Sacramento California.  Kevin was born and raised in Sacramento and attended UCal Berkeley.  KJ is from the golden era of the NBA, he ran the point for the Phoenix Suns from 88 untill 98, an all-star and a 20 point 10 assist a night type of player.  Along with Sir Charles Barkley led the Suns to the Finals in 1993 against the unstoppable Bulls led by Michael Jordan who had a date with destiny that year for their 3-peat.  What I remember #7 for is his dunk over Hakeem Olajuwan in the 1994 playoffs against the Houston Rockets which you can view up above and of course his highlight reel.  You can’t tell me you don’t want a KJ suns throwback for the summer time

Curt Schilling Shut Up your a JAG


“level of disrespect to teammates and people was unfathomable.” (about Manny)

“I’m a Steelers Fan”

“Senator McCain is the only person with the makeup to get this country out of the place it’s in right now,”  -Curt Schilling

shhhhh…  please. just stop