Diamonds & Cadillacs – Jackie Chain

New video for Jackie Chain’s southern anthem Diamonds & Cadillacs.  Shot in Jackie Chains native Huntsville Alabama, this is your stereotypical southern video, slabs, Louis Vuitton luggage, chicks, goonies etc. Be on the look out for cameos from Yo Gotti and Shawty Lo as well.  Diamonds & Cadillacs – Jackie Chain

Street Fighter IV


I haven’t been following this too heavy in fear of letdown, but I must say Street Fighter IV is looking very promising! You all should know how much of a Street Fighter feen I am and the legendary battles I have had with some of the best at the game. This street fighter looks like its back to basics with the classic 2d animation and many old characters. On February 17th the game will drop and the madness will start again, so here at HHTT we will issue a challenge. During the first week of its release we will hold a tourney through XBOX LIVE and truly find out who the champ is. 

Come one come all, more details to come.

Here is some screens for the feens, oh and lex ryu still king!!