Celtics Sweet Sixteen


The Boston Celtics have reached a 16 game winning streak yesterday with a victory over the Atlanta Hawks 88-85. The Boston Celtics have been tearing through this season showing a confidence greater than last year. I cant front I didn’t think the big three would come back with so much focus, discipline and hunger, and I’m glad to see I was wrong.


KP No Joke

KP No Joke

Garnett scored 10 of his 18 points in the 4th when the C’s needed it most. Atlanta’s Joe Johnson missed a late free throw that would have tied it, leaving Ray Allen to make two free throws in the final seconds to win the epic game. The Celtics lead the league and are at a franchise best 24-2.

J.D. Power and Associates

I love cars, well I mean mostly everybody love cars. Ever since a kid I can remember these awards in car commercials. I always thought like damn this J.D. Power must be like the ultimate nigga on cars! Like his opinion is that of the gods, to get a JD power and assoc award is like being kissed from Jesus some say. Next time you think of buying a car tell the sales cat like “yo this car got any JD awards???” Make the smart choice.


Paul Newman Dead At 83

An actor like Paul Newman comes along rare in Hollywood and the world is experiencing this now. I’m glad I got to know the greatness of this man from such movies as “Cool Hand Luke” and “The Color of Money”. When I seen “Cool Hand Luke” I noticed how Paul settled into his character and expressed himself in a way most actors try but fail horribly. Paul maneuvered through roles with ease plus an air of charm and wit, the chemistry he shared with Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” was uncanny! Beyond a great actor the man was a philanthropist, his company “Newman’s Own” gives 100% of its revenue to charities. This is just a cool muthafucka what more can I say, R.I.P. Mr. Newman you will surely be missed.


Paul Newman died at age 83 on Sept 26th from a long battle with cancer. Ima let some of that gorilla grape pour out for my man Paul.




The NBA on NBC was a weekly presentation of National Basketball Association games on the National Broadcasting Company television network from 1955 to 1962, and again from 1990 to 2002. The NBA on NBC succeeded the NBA on CBS. During NBC’s partnership with the NBA, the league rose to unprecedented popularity for the sport, with ratings surpassing the days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the mid-eighties.

I don’t remember a lot of fond memories of my childhood but I do remember some. My father the greatest man I ever met loved basketball and that reciprocated to me. In the early 90’s when the NBA left CBS to NBC many didn’t think the move was right. That was clearly wrong, the NBA never seen revenue like they did from 1990-2002 the span in which NBA on NBC lasted. The way Bob Costas did the intro for games, the overview of the skyline outside the arena, Marv Albert quotes, it was beautiful. I watched Jordan clinch many a playoff berth, I watched Clyde finally validate his greatness and I seen Kobe 3peat. I know cats are like what about SHAQ!!! He sick also but these are some of my memories and I do agree SHAQ is sick! I think back to Sundays with my pops watching triple headers, him with his Miller high life me with my Kool-aid. Just listen to the theme shits nostalgic like a muthafucka!