Orphanage / Symptomz / Problemz / Top Rock Cru @ Mass Tatoo & Arts Festival

Footage from this years Mass Tattoo & Arts Festival, part 2 which is the battle will be posted in a few days

You Ain’t No DJ (Video) – Big Boi Feat. Yelawolf

New video from Big Boi for You Ain’t No DJ featuring Yelawolf, the Andre 3000 produced record from Big Boi’s album Sir Lucious Leftfoot The Son of Chico Dusty.

You Aint No DJ – Big Boi Feat. Yelawolf

Mr. Wave – New York City Breakers

Mr. Wave and The New York City Breakers killing it as they always do back on the short-lived yet landmark t.v. show Graffiti Rock in 1984.  Mr. Wave also battled the Rock Steady Crew alongside the rest of his his team in the hip-hop classic Beat Street.