Celebrity – Lloyd Banks Feat. Eminem & Akon

Some new music from Lloyd Banks, Celebrity featuring Akon & Eminem from his upcoming album The Hunger For More 2 in stores 11-22-2010.

Celebrity – Lloyd Banks Feat. Eminem & Akon

King of the Pyrex – Tony Yayo

New drug rap from G-Unit’s Tony Yayo, King of Pyrex off of Tony’s latest effort Gun Powder Guru.  Enjoy his video.King of the Pyrex – Tony Yayo

Just in case you missed the video for Bullets Whistle.

Eminem Relapse Cover


Prescription pills constructed to form Slim Shady’s face, genius. I only hope the album is as thought provoking as the artwork. 5-19-09 we will see

Rick Ross – Mafia Music


It’s only right that we posted this up since the ongoing feud between Fif and Ross. Ya’ll already know my feelings about the boy Ross but I can’t front he came very hard on this joint. The beat is sinister the type you clean your guns too, and Ross lyrically has stepped his game up. I don’t think Fif got much left in the tank but the muthafucka is amusing as hell, but im not so sure his played out formula will continue to work on Ross.

50 Cent – Heartless Monster


50 Cent is a pure nigger. After that being said I’m glad to see Fifth back on his “get rich or die trying”  vibe.  The beat is nice, it got that murder murder, black mask bout to rob a nigga sound.

“Got a baby by ya baby mama, nigga we family” – 50

Fifth a funny dude I cant lie, Is 50 back?

MTV Cancels 50 Cent


Mr. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) is having his show cancelled from MTV after about a month on air. Fith’s show “The Money and the Power” will be shelved due to lackluster ratings. Fif talked a lot of shit about his show being the best and even giving Trump a run for his money. I guess Fif is the one who got trumped in the end, I hope he don’t self destruct now.