Obama World – Bill Maher


A funny segment that was taken from the season finale of Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO, where Bill pokes fun at people who are afraid of the “change” Obama has in store for our country. 

President Barack Hussein Obama




When I found out Barack won I cried, I cried because I thought about all the pain, all the hurt America has been through. I pictured MLK finally smiling seeing his dream come to fruition. So many emotions ran through me, I thought about Rosa to Tommie Smith to Huey Newton to Brother Malcom to Marcus Garvey, so many have died, so many have struggled. I’m so happy I can tell my sons yes, you can truly be anything you want when you grow up. I never thought I would live through something so paramount not just for African Americans but for AMERICANS as a whole.

Obama Waffles?? Nigga Please

I really thought the days of the minstrel show were over but I can see I was wrong. How the fuck Black Americas last hope let this shit slide, is mind boggling. As a Blackman myself, this is a direct representation of “selling the negro”. Why do we always have to fucking entertain?? What next Obama Shoes?? Obama chains and shit??? Call Ziggfield and get obama in one of his fucking follies or maybe obama might be busy watching Coal Black and the sebben dwarfs. I am glad MLK aint alive to witness this, in one light he would he happy to see his dream come to fruition then horrified by how the black community has not made any valid progress since the 70’s. MLK would spit that shit out his fucking mouth, OBAMA WAFFLES?? This nigga will do anything to pony up money for his lil campaign I guess, shit who am I kidding most niggas do. And my b Obama if u aint got shit to do with this, but matter of fact you let these niggas use your name. They used you son, they used u.




-Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim