Pizza Throwing Incident at Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox broadcasters Don Orsillo & Jerry Remy had some fun at this game a couple years back, enjoy.

That slice of pizza honestly cost more than 10$, dude temporarily lost it.

ESPN Sportscentury Montage

In the year 2000 ESPN collected all the greatest moments in sports history and made a video, Chad put me on and it changed me forever. The song in the background is Aerosmith – “Dream On”, every time I hear this it send chills down my spine.

When I watch this I remember.


Much Respect Due

I love Massachusetts, this is my home. So you know the deal my allegiance is to all New England teams, especially the Red Sox. Boston fans have a tendency to open there mouth too fucking fast before they know the whole fucking deal. When Manny left Boston I felt sad, Manny is one of the best players to play the game, the man had his flaws but damn he made up and then some with skill. I think the Boston media flipped shit to make Manny look like a fuck up or someone who has no true love for the game. This is bullshit, not everyone has to be serious 24/7 the dude is nice period he deserves to play around sometimes cause what he brings to the table is significant! The fact is you cannot treat Manny like he a regular player lets be fucking real that’s why we have contrast in salaries! Its very hypocritical to me, we say every player needs to follow the same code, not one player is bigger than the team. Then we turn around and pay a player the equivalent of some team’s whole budget! Im happy for Manny his numbers are showing and proving, Ramirez hit .397 after joining the Dodgers, with 17 home runs and 53 RBIs in 187 at-bats. His on-base percentage is .489.  There are 4 teams left fighting for the championship the Rays, Phillies, Dodgers and Sox, It would be so fitting if it came down to LA and Boston. Then we could see Manny truly be Manny.

Oh yea fuck that ol nigga Tim McCarver, Ya’ll already know how I feel about FOX, that nigga need to keep shit to himself that’s why Deion showered him in 1992!