Improve Myself – Show Feat. KRS-One

BX legends Showbiz & KRS-One link for Improve Myself from the duo’s upcoming album Godsville, definately stay tuned for more from these two.

Improve Myself – Showbiz & KRS-One

Brainstorm (Confidence Remix) – Lord Finesse Feat. O.C. & KRS-One

Now this is what the fuck I’m talking about, Confidence is dropping a mixtape of mid-90’s remixes, starting with this remix to Lord Finesse’s Brainstorm featuring O.C. & KRS-One off of Finesse’s 97 classic The Awakening.

Brainstorm (Confidence Remix) – Lord Finesse Feat. KRS-One & O.C.

D-Nice – They Call Me D-Nice (BDP Live On)

Taking out you suckas and you don’t know how I did it!

One of my biggest influences in the game hands down is the TR-808 aka D-Nice. D had the swag fo real b, he had that cool flow. Working on new music makes me realize how much I want to honor cats like D-Nice. A lot of my style is from this man right here, what they taught I learned b.D-Nice Rocks The House is the prequel to They Call Me D-Nice, teaming  a young Nice up with Scott La Rock which would eventually be the ticket to Nice landing his solo deal. Scott La Rock  helped D develop his skill and would serve as a mentor/brother/friend up until his tragic passing in ’87.Peep a young D-Nice, KRS-ONE and DJ Scott La Rock (BDP) Circa ’86BDP Live on RIP Scott La Rock

Survival Skills (video) – KRS One & Buckshot

Dope new video for Survival Skills from two of the most respected Mc’s in the game, Krs One & Buckshot.  Produced by Illmind with DJ Revolution on the cuts.

Survival Skills – KRS One & Buckshot

BDP – By All Means Necessary

One of the most powerful albums of all time in HIP-HOP would have to be BDP’s “By All Means Necessary” released in 1988. The cover alone is sick, I love the playoff of Brother Malcolm’s picture. When I heard “My Philosophy” I was shocked that a group so raw would have such a positive message. BDP was rugged looking as all hell but gave a proactive message to many ghetto youths, not a message of destruction but a message of rebuilding. Pick up this album if you love hip-hop, Scott La Rock live on.


I’m nice, here is a track off the LP “My Philosophy”

22 Questions w/Jay (The Hip Hop Purist)


1. When do you think Hip Hop started to fall?

Jay: 2002 I was down south and felt like that’s were it started to fall

2.  Public Enemy or BDP and why?
BDP. I respect P.E. but BDP is a collection of mc’s, it’s the collection
3.  Favorite member in the Wu?


4. Your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

Garbage, not hip hop its pop! Follow the next man shit

5. Define for you the golden era in hip-hop?

Cant touch the 80’s too young hmmm, 93-99

6. Do you feel krs and the other elements of hip-hop he established?

Don’t care too much

7. Why do u think lil wayne gets so much attention?

Decline of the western civilization

8. Will the Wu tang clan ever return to its prominence?


 9. 88 or 94 and why?

94, I lived it

10. Ready to die or Life After Death?

Ready to die

11. Boot Camp or Wu?


12. Ghost or Sean P?


13. Its 1999 Tommy Hill or Nautica?

Nautica! Remember Nautica fleeces!

14. Cream or cant it be all so simple?

       When you think Wu you think “Cream”          

15. Favorite Malt Liquor?

Gotta go with crocked eye

16. Redman or Busta?


17. Houston vs Miami Hip Hop?


18. Puffy in 2000 or Weezy in 2007?

Weezy 2007

19. 50 Cent or Fat Joe?

Fat Joe DITC days

20. Starter Jackets or Champion Hoodies?


21. Nas or Big

Nas, when its all said and done it’s the catalogue of music

22. It was written or stillmatic?

It was written


Interview conducted by HHTT Brain Trust