What’cha Gon’ Do? – Big Pun

Classic video from Big Pun & Terror Squad for What’cha Gon’ Do, featuring Fat Joe & Cuban Link taking on New York native NBA stars of the time Kenny Anderson & Stephon Marbury in a game of 2 on 2.  This hilarious video features Cuban Link tying Kenny Anderson’s shoes together as well as Fat Joe dunking.  What’cha Gon Do? was produced by Juju from the Beatnuts and features Big Pun doing what he was famous for, absolutely murdering the beat.  Christopher Rios would’ve been 38 today, he was probably the G.O.A.T. and should at least be included in your top 5.Whatcha Gon Do? – Big Pun

Cake And Eat It Too – Nice & Smooth

Cake and Eat it Too appears on Nice & Smooth’s second album Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed which was released back in 1991.  Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed is Greg Nice & Smooth B’s most successful release which also featured the classic singles Hip Hop Junkies and the popular Sometimes I Rhyme Slow.

Cake And Eat It Too – Nice & Smooth

They Got – Non Phixion

“1975 they created aids inside a laboratory” -Ill Bill

Non Phixion dropped their first record back in 94 with the help of MC Serch from 3rd Base, but the group really caught on back in 2000 with the release of the classic record Black Helicopters, They Got was the B-side to the Black Helicopters 12′   


Also peep the entertaining video for Rock Stars produced by Dj Premier which was the group’s lead single for their debut album The Future Is Now.  Look out for cameo’s from the Beatnuts, Dj Premier, Greg Nice, Necro, Q-Unique, el-p and of course plenty of homeless. 

Ghostface – One

Aight since Reviresco put up the sick beatnuts post (that song is still bumping in my head) I gotta follow suit with a beatnut produced track on Ghostface’s Supreme Clientele album called “One”. I smoked many a grape dutch to this, my team use to keep this on blast fo real. Hands down one of my top 3 Ghost songs and we all know Ghost got gems but this right here is that joint.

Do You Believe? – Beatnuts

The Beatnuts dropped their third album Stone Crazy in 1997.  The album featured such hits as Off The Books , Give me the Ass and Do You Believe?


Poppin Like an L’ full of seeds.