Man Purses/Alphabet Boys – Consequence

Gotta get ya’ll caught up on some of Cons 2 the quence’s recent movements, first up is Man Purses where Consequence bodies a J-Dilla beat from Movies on Demand 2.

Man Purses – Consequence

Next up is the Kanye West produced Alphabet Boys which will also appear on Cons upcoming Movies on Demand 2.

Alphabet Boys – Consequence

Whatever You Want – Consequence feat. Kanye West & John Legend

Ever since A Tribe Called Quest released Beats, Rhymes and Life back in 96′ I’ve always checked for Consequence.  His new album ConsTV should be released by the end of the year and the bulk of the production will be handled byKanye West and his cousin Q-Tip.  Whatever You Want is the first single for his new album and features John Legend & Kanye West plus you can’t go wrong with the ABC Jackson 5 vocal sample thrown on there either.


Move – Q-Tip

“Move” produced by the late-great J-Dilla is an immediate classic off of Q-tip’s new album The Renaissance.  The album’s release date is on election day, so make sure to vote plus pick up Q-Tip’s latest opus.      peep the video below