One Love (DJ Manipulator Remix) – Nas

DJ Manipulator puts his touches on Nas’ One Love from the classic Illmatic album.

One Love (DJ Manipulator Remix) – Nas

High Rise (Video) – Big Sean

New video from Big Sean for his song High Rise produced by Don Cannon, fellas this video got titties in it so check it out.

High Rise – Big Sean

Crew Love – The ROC (Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek)

It’s a shame that things went down with State Property & the Roc the way they did.  At least they left us with a serious catalogue of hits, one of which Crew Love off of 1998’s Belly Soundtrack still bangs to this day.  Crew Love – Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek

Props to whoever can tell me produced this joint

Soul II Soul – Keep On Moving


If you know anything about the house or dance music scene from the late 80’s to early 90’s then you must know of Soul II Soul. Soul II Soul has been sampled many times over, one of there most popular songs “Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)” was remixed a cappella in the opening scene of the hip-hop classic “Belly”. “Keep on Moving” was another hit for the UK group and was big in the US house/dance music scene. This song is a joint you pump when you lost ya job, lost ya woman, lost ya money, just lost feel me!


Keep on Moving.

M.O.P. – Blood, Sweat and Tears (Belly Soundtrack)


When I first saw Hype Williams “Belly” I had to say I was not impressed at all. I thought Nasir’s acting was horrible and DMX was too erratic, once again I didn’t learn to appreciate the incredible visual Hype presented and the goon image so well portrayed by DMX. Now I can say I love Nas’ Character in the flick, there is always that dude in ya crew who wants out, who wants more and has just a little bit more focus and Nas did a good job on that.


This song right here me and my goons smoked many an “L” too, when this shit dropped it had that melodic feeling but at the same time some gun gangsta shit! MOP LIVE ON, WE NEED THAT RAW SHIT COME BACK MOP!

On The Run Eating

The “belly” in hip-hop has become synonymous with power, look at Rick Ross (bitch ass C.O. Nigga), Shawty-Lo and NORE to name a few. In average America the belly is a thing of disgust, in the hip hop world it’s a symbol of power and wealth. All I know is I’m getting me a belly, bitches loves belly’s!


Peep Nore above he EATING!!

HULK HATE TIME TRAVEL!!!(Behind the madness)

The Brain trust sat down one day at work spitting our usual random knowledge and we started to engage on a topic we often fantasy, time travel. I can’t count the numerous conversations we had on this topic, from Delorean’s to John Titor. All in all time travel is a topic we will never leave, a topic we love but for some it is a tragic burden. Hulk hates time travel; it disrupts his belly a lot I think. His primitive mind can’t handle the chronological difference. So if hulks parents don’t kiss he wont ever be born, ever be born.


Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim